Hazards to consider before visiting a volcano

What are the volcanic hazards that all adventurers should consider before starting to explore a volcano?

Active volcanoes can present a unique set of hazards for adventurers and researchers alike; it’s important to consider all the risks before visiting a volcano:

  1. Rapidly changing weather conditions and visibility (-do you need to take a jumper or a rain jacket, or even a torch?)
  2. Shifting volcanic gases – always be aware of what the volcano is doing before and while you are exploring, poisonous volcanic gases can rapidly change and become life threatening
  3. Rough, loose and slippery terrain, with cracks and crevasses – keep an eye on your surroundings at all times
  4. Eruptions – be aware of the current activity levels of the volcano and if any alerts or restrictions have been put in place; phreatic/steam explosions can happen at any time without warning
  5. Rock falls – should you wear a hardhat, or are there any areas that you should avoid?

Let someone else know what your plans are and your route so that if you and your friends/group get into trouble you will always have someone looking out for you.

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