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  • Wanmer, S. 2018. Characterisation of eruption and depositional processes of volcanic ash. PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow
  • Wanmer, S. et al. 2018. A bug’s death: PDC-water interactions indicated by diatom-bearing ash aggregates in the Columbia River Flood Basalt Province. In: Manville, V. (ed). Programme and abstracts, VMSG 54th Annual Conference, Leeds, UK, January 2018, pg 84
  • Wanmer, S. et al. 2017. Fine-grained volcanic material within the Early Eocene (T50) Balder Formation: Implications for hydrocarbon exploration in the North Sea and Faroe-Shetland Basins. Abstract & poster presented at the 2017 AAPG Asia Pacific Region GTW, Influence of Volcanism and Associated Magmatic Processes of Petroleum Systems, Oamaru, New Zealand, March 14-16